Steve en Rica

Dear Astrid, we miss you already!

This journey began over drinks in our garden. You immediately made us feel that we were in capable hands. You asked about our vision for the wedding. Our wedding was not a typical 'dutch' wedding and this did not scare you :-) The wedding had its share of challenges; the wedding date being pushed back a week earlier, the band we had in mind being difficult, bride and groom to be getting sick a week before the big day. Even that didn't knock you down. You made us feel very relaxed not only during the day, but the entire time we worked together.

The whole day was spectacular and came off so incredibly smoothly for us. The schedule that we had for that day left no room for error and it was a wonderful feeling knowing you had everything under control. We were both so happy and you provided us with that peace.

In the midst of all the wedding planning, you became our friend and showed a sincere concern for our feelings and needs regarding the wedding. You were able to identify our 'style' since our wedding was the best of two worlds. Your flexibility, creativity and dedication to quality made you the perfect person to plan our dream wedding and we would definitely recommend you to other couples without any hesitation.

‘Elegant’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘The most wonderful wedding I have ever attended’, ‘Fairytale wedding’, ‘Just perfect’ - these are just few of the things family and friends said about our wedding. We only have good memories of our wedding day and the planning process. It was indeed a fairytale wedding and thank you so so so much for helping us put together this spectacular event. It was a day we both will never forget and forever will be treasured in our heart.

We wish you all the best in expanding your business! Love, Steve & Rica

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