Exclusive & Creative

Personal Approach

A personal approach is very important for Astrid Blaauw Weddings & Events. Involvement, consultation and reliability – that’s what we stand for. We have lots of knowledge and experience in terms of organising and are up on the latest trends and developments in the area of weddings.

Every bridal couple is unique and has their own idea of what they want their wedding day to be like. Will it be an intimate day with close relatives and friends over a romantic dinner in a castle or do you want a splashy beach party with a band and a DJ for all of your relatives, friends and acquaintances? Maybe you want to get married abroad, or have a several-day wedding in your own country. Everything is possible!

Wishes and Ideas

From the discussions that the wedding planner has with you, we first get a good picture of your wishes and ideas and then we look for the most suitable suppliers. Over the course of time, Astrid Blaauw Weddings & Events has built up a network of reliable suppliers. We know their good points and way of working and what they are specialised in.

Next, we arrange preliminary interviews with the suppliers we have pre-selected. The final decision about who you want to work with is up to you.

We also pay a great deal of attention to the atmosphere and appearance of your wedding day. If you choose a certain theme – a colour, for example, or a specific atmosphere – we get to work on it right away. And if you have wishes that we cannot directly fulfil, we will naturally find out how to do it for you.